Created 3 May, 2011

Citabria Rebuild, from 1993

My father taught me how to fly in 1992 in a 1967 Citabria 7ECA. He then sold me the plane for $12k and helped me to rebuild it. Here are some old photos from that rebuild. I had to dig them out of a scrapbook and scan them. That's how long ago this was
After: I kind of have things out of order here. Here are a couple of "after" pictures, showing the final result, And I don't really have a picture of the before. I should dig the photo out of my first logbook of me in front of the plane on the day of my first solo. It's a great picture with the shadow of my father, who took the picture, in the foreground.

Fusalage Stripped: These are a couple of pictures taken so we could remember the general configuration of the aircraft just before the fabric goes back on. That would be 6 months later, so pitures are necessary. Note the state of decay of the plywood fuselage formers. They're all black and brittle.

Throttle Quadrant and Trim: These are the on the left wall of the cabin, just to show the state of things on fabric removal. Not bad, but funny mud wasp nests.

Tail: A bit of rust here. If I remember right, we had to replace a bit of steel here before moving on to the re-fabric.

Fuselage Painted: Here, we have the fuselage entirely stripped and after sand-blasting the entire thing, we have painted it with an epoxy primer that is part of the Stits Poly-Fiber system.

Tail Planes Painted: They look nice, don't they? I think we had to cut out and replace the bottom rib (steel) of the rudder.

Firewall: Time to start thinking about firewall-forward.

Upholstery: The interior upholstery consists of aluminum sheets with vinyl glued to them. Cheap, light, effective. But cleaning off the old ones was a tedious task.